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If anyone is considering going to see a naturopathic doctor then I highly recommend Dr. Heidi Wittmann.  It is like a night and day difference between standard doctors.  All of the MD's I have seen seem to send me out the door faster than I can say bye usually with a prescription of some sort that I may or may not have needed.  Dr. Heidi Wittman takes the time to listen to you, and honestly cares about making you feel better and doing what is in your best interest.  She also cares about your wallet, and tries to find the best economical way to go about helping you.  You will be so happy that you decided see me!
L., San Diego

Dr.Heidi really helped me with digestive issues relating to gluten and soy sensitivities. I appreciated how thorough she was with the testing. With each visit,  she was very attentive to looking and discussing all aspects of health with me. I could chat with her for hours! She is such a joy and a genuinely bright, caring, and compassionate ND. Highly recommended.
J., Rancho Bernardo

I never liked to take medicines, but I would take a pill here and there to stop headache, stomachache, cold... We all want rapid results... So, we take antibiotics and a lot of other drugs, however, they fix your problem in the same time than they cause another. Therefore, when I felt that I would need a  treatment for a more serious problem, I didn't want to be at the risk of taking super strong medicines that make your body feel like never stopping to use them. I decided to try a treatment with Dr. Heidi Wittman. In the first appointment we went through my problem and all my background for hours, and then Dr. Wittman prescribed me a treatment. After one week, I could feel a great difference, and after a couple weeks I was feeling a new person! And the best, with all natural medicines!!!! I TOTALLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
M., San Diego

I am so grateful to have found Dr. Wittmann. She is very knowledgeable and exceptionally kind, supportive and flexible.  I have finally experienced true healing and a holistic understanding of what was happening in my health after years of more impersonal, limited solutions from conventional medical care.
Wondeful new office in Pt. Loma!
A., San Diego

I want to thank you for all of the time that you spent with me yesterday.   I never have had a dr spend more than 10 minutes with me! ... I couldn't stop talking about how nice and warm you were with me. I truly truly appreciate it. I am confident that i will have my health restored.
--R, Chula Vista

I have been working with Dr. Heidi Wittmann for many months and appreciate her holistic approach to her patients. As a patient with a plethora of complicated issues, I can attest to Dr. Wittmann's vast medical knowledge, but even more so, if she doesnt know an answer she will take the time to figure it out whereas other practitioners were too overwhelmed to take on my case.
I have many friends who did not believe in the power of Naturopathic Medicine until they saw the benefits I have experienced from my treatment.
You cannot trust just anyone with your health, and that is why I recommend Dr. Wittmann.
--J, El Cajon

I thank you very much for your attentive and professional care in the past. You certainly are a very good doctor, and  open to continuing learning. You listen well and are willing to work with your patient.
--B, La Jolla

I know that you are definitely gifted and in the right field of work. You are such a blessing.
--J, La Mesa

I am happy to report that I have been panic attack and severe anxiety free, some level of worry still lingers and pops up once in a while, but for the most part I am doing so good!!
--E, San Diego

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